Thursday, 2 May 2013

Lemon and Grey

Today's poem takes its inspiration from Wes Martin's Daily Painting "Lemon & Grey" which is shown in the photograph below. ( I tried to give this poem as much structure as I could, matching the number of syllables in each line. More persperation than inspiration, though tea is VERY close to my heart.

Lemon & Grey

And here it is:
The tomb kitchen with its humming fridge.
Dust worlds in the air.
Whilst, gorged on avoidant preoccupation,
A bee-busy world feasts “Out There”.

And so it is,
That this morning, both rib cage and room
Are the sole container
For feeling a crumbling, numbing void ahead,
For pushing quiet a wild despair.

What to do with this?
Requirement to bow life’s strings by ear,
By the hum of a plodding washing machine
And a cold pipe’s rattle.

The recipe
For Salvation Cake on days so bleak?
A sigh at the sink,
A Lemon and an Earl in his fishnet bag
A kettle of dancing water seek.

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