Saturday, 11 May 2013

11. Folded Clothes

 Folded Clothes

      to fold the clothes
           and pocket them away
                 in the waiting drawers,

is the greatest
     of privileges.
          Sometimes, to carry
                 debris of play-

items up the
     stairs, to tread
          on another plastic
                 mini-figure, that

hurts your foot
     and makes you swear -
          is the frustration by which
                 you are blessed.

From baby grows
     to faded school airtex,
          this is the chore of
                 someone anointed

with the care
     and love-life full
          of being an exhausted parent.
                 Lucky enough

to feel tired of
     the sacred, normal
                 of folding clothes.

11th May 2013

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