Thursday, 30 May 2013

30. Running out for Milk

Running out for Milk

The chestnuts have their candles on
And the Willow Warbler warms the hedge 
As I drive past.
Stopped to snap the sunset
God fire fingers light tails cast
From rain cloud.
The the hare again
Chose to lollipop the lane
In his time, to the gate.
Never so green
As this time of May late.
The Jay never quite so vivid
Or more parrot flare wild
In the woods. Coming home,
He had freedom and relief
Enough to dance in front of the car
Showing off his blue bars, moustache and
Intense eye fly flare.
"Ohh Babe!" my surprised mouth formed
And the rainbow too - I jest not -
Touched the streamed field where horses adjourned.
One of those evenings,
When running out of milk
Is the best accident you could have.

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