Sunday, 19 May 2013

20. Day Moon, Night Moon

Day Moon, Night Moon.

What is it with the moon this month?
I asked her, but she did not say
Just a half smile today,
Though benign.

But yesterday
On the river
She seemed to wink
She winked, I think
At me, on the river.

I feel sure she has a secret
And has been watching me this month
To see if I might dare
Discover it.

But this evening,
Hare in the field
She may have laughed
She laughed, she may
At the hare, in the field.

Only a half face shows today
Makes it look like she is peeking
From behind a curtain'd
Sky stage.

But in the week
In the rapeseed
She showed a chink
A chink, she showed
To me, in the rapeseed.

Strange lady moon, your secrets share.
You watch me, with a mystic air
Badged cool lune of the sky
Let's play.

And through the night
When I do sleep
She might well sigh
She sighs, she might
I sleep and do not play.

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