Sunday, 26 May 2013

26. Perspectives


"I'll write in an hour"
I tell myself,
Self-sorry and unwilling
To commit words to page -
To share perspectives
Of inflection, risk censure,
Or rejection - or to ostracise
Myself and prove further
Eccentric who I am.

Blessed. I see this in
My mother's eyes
As she said goodbye.
Their love of me
A constancy, from which
I know my bravery flows.

But alone, again this night
Putting her to bed
And in not having one
In this room to share
Random thought bustles
The day has made.

At times, I let the cow low
Lower in my stomach
And the fence gate barb
Hide the field and hill
From my view.
I see only that the shopping
And bounty of Mother Hubbard
Is cupboarded by my efforts

Washing up waits for no
Washer but me.
We do something wonderful
And I ache for want of witness,
Or that goodnight kiss
Or tea made for me in turn.

This is but one truth only.
Hannah, this is the log
To trip you on repeat,
And lend perspective
Of deceit to your view.

Not ALL the truth, 
Nor all history to be,
Or past. 
And my mother's eyes
Have twinkled her love 
With enough brightness
To confirm: I have assured
Residency in that home.
In that is more blessing
Than all the blooming
Blossom on the entire hill.

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