Monday, 13 May 2013

13. One Might Think

One Might Think

One might think
That it is safer not to paint,
As it is safer not to sing -
Not to risk the action
That draws attention,
That risks rejection
And the concrete desolation -
Of finding there is a gap
Between the imagined
Captured moon
Held triumphant in your fist,
And desperate hope that
Remains an itch of palm:
To capture the universe in micro,
In paint, or song, or poetry.

Oh, to capture the moment
In a Jar!
Or hold those moonbeams
And the conversations of trees,
Overheard and translated into a moment
On a page.

Or still, so very still
To capture the whole universe
In a waiting fruit,
Sitting so patiently
Under light.

How much safer not to risk
The gap between
The ecstasy of beauty
And the meagre offerings
We can describe?

Yes, it is true
To try is to fail.

But you see,
This is who we are.
Without translating the moon,
That rocky companion does not hear the earth sing to it.
And I will forget how to look up in wonder.
I will forget that once,
I saw her silky beauty
And felt myself become
Part of the earth I am so in love with.

And without the imperfect paintings
No one learns
How to truly look
At the rolling majesty,
The grand and perfect stature,
The dazzling absorption
That can be found
In looking passionately
At fruit.


  1. Loving these daily posts. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much. Really glad you are enjoying them.