Wednesday, 29 May 2013

29. Stressed


Step away from that word
And what does it mean?
Rendered obscene
And useless by over application;
Infiltration of corporate speech,
Medicalised brain leeches,
Lexicalised, brain bleached
And a fashionable label on a jammed jar.

Tonight the sea saw balance
Between resources and demands
Lays heavily spent on the right side,
As it has these past few weeks,
With a gradual quickening
Of foetal force that leads to
Remorseless thinking of the grand
To Do List, growing in laborious pain.
My phone a modern thumb screw of
Texting back the tennis ball
Over the net of petty requests and
Haranguing demands I cannot satisfy.
I will let someone down,
As inevitably as my over-concern lets
My own self down.

All nine of Yeats’ bean rows
Taunt as idealistic impossibility
And the hived honey bees
Would have me bat the air
And run for sting shade.

Somewhere in this, I lost my heart.
Or it got trampled by ignorant feet,
That needed ground too much to look down.
I know better than rest,
Is wholeheartedness.
I know I left it here
In a velvet box,
Tied with hopeful spider silk.
But I am too tired yet
To take the needed breath
Stop looking, and so to find it.

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