Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Storm Petrel

You told me of
Your tears in the torchlight
Over a Petrel’s nest.
Waddling, winged vulnerability
Seeking the sanctuary
Of the earth.
Bird born for one element only,
Seeking the fog’s protection
To trust to home,
And the eggs to lay.

This tiny bird,
Silent at sea  -
Sings its way to the burrow,
Defenceless and vulnerable.
Only at night,
Will it spin to home,
After its first years at sea.

How much like that bird
Was your young girl self,
Ripped from the skies of yourchildhood
And predated on the cliff?
And what strange wailings
Does your soul make moan?
Your tears in the torchlight,
Your tears in the room,
Beam visibility from present topast;
To that orphan girl -
Left waddling out of element
Through, oh!  such a foggy sky.

1 comment:

  1. I love this, ethereal yet grounded. Good luck with this endeavour. You will be richly rewarded im sure